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About CrossFit 1750

Why CrossFit 1750 is different

Why We Do It:

At Wellness Empire CrossFit 1750, we are passionate about personalizing wellness in the lives of every person we connect with, leading to healthier lifestyles, more energy, and a functional way of living. We are committed to every person that comes to train with us! Our motivation lies simply in wanting to help better those around us through functional-fitness, nutritional education, personal training, strength and conditioning, and childhood development. At CrossFit 1750, we want to give back to the community of Bedford, NH by providing a fun place to achieve your’s and your families wellness goals! Located at 337 NH-101 in Bedford, NH 03110, CrossFit 1750 is the most accessible gym in Bedford, open to kids and adults of all ages! Come join our community, workout with tremendous people, and start living a healthier life!

This is for you if…

  • You are looking to achieve fitness goals for yourself and family
  • You are looking to make exercise fun for you and your kids
  • You want to be part of an incredible community in Bedford, NH
  • You are looking for more direction in your everyday fitness
  • You are looking to increase strength and speed for your sport
  • You are looking for personalized coaching in every class
  • You are striving to be fitter and healthier
  • You are looking for something different than you are currently doing



Courtney McKay

Co-Owner | Coach

John McKay

Co-Owner | Coach

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CrossFit 1750
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