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CrossFit in Bedford New Hampshire



Our CrossFit program is for everyone! The foundational movements of CrossFit are used every single day, in and out of the gym. We squat, pull, press, and offer a life changing experience through functional fitness.

CrossFit Kids

Our CrossFit Kids program is focused on childhood development for kids ages 4-17! We believe in building healthy habits for the future of your kids lives. This program makes functional fitness fun for kids of all ages!

Personal Training

Personal Training at CrossFit 1750 is the best way to learn more about yourself! We provide a focused, engaging personal training experience, helping you achieve your goals! We will work together to achieve new heights in wellness.

Motherhood GROWTH

Motherhood GROWTH at Wellness Empire is a program dedicated to helping women both prenatal and postpartum. If you’re expecting at any stage in pregnancy or just had your baby, these classes are just for you!

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